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Tradedoubler zeigt AOL die kalte Schulter

AOL withdraws its offer for TradeDoubler

Our shareholders have decided not to accept AOL’s offer to buy their shares at 215 SEK per share.

As a Board we considered the offer to be attractive and hence we decided to recommend it to our shareholders and let them decide. However, this offer is now behind us and we must now look forward.

TradeDoubler has a very exciting and attractive future ahead as an independent company. We believe that given our unique pan European footprint, our growing range of products, robust technology but most
importantly the knowledge and expertise we have within the company, we are perfectly placed to take advantage of the opportunities this rapidly growing industry will give us over the coming years.

Looking at the business plan for 2007 we will intensify our recruitment activities in all countries and we will intensify our product development efforts.

We continue to assess opportunities to grow our business both geographically and from a product perspective in order to increase our revenues, profitability and to deliver shareholder value.

The Board of Directors

erreicht mich gerade von der PR-Agentur…
Poker oder Plan? Die Minderheitsktionäre waren es wohl, die sich noch schnell eine Sperrminorität gekauft hatten.

Naja, angeblich hat die Deutsche Bundespost ja gerade sowas ähnliches verloren. Aber Tradedoubler wäre wohl zu international für die…


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  1. Warum machst du aus der Telekom eigentlich immer die „Deutsche Bundespost“? Die Zeiten waren einmal …

    Neunmalklug ;-)

  2. Hallo JoJo,

    dass mus daran liegen, dass mich manche Entscheidungen an die Zeit von Postminister Schwarz-Schilling erinnern.

    Und nachdem sich besagtes Unternehmen von Webseiten wie angegriffen fühlt, ist die Assoziation nicht so weit, oder?

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