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Amazon startet mit ClickRiver ein PPC-Programm

Amazon’s realized that it’s about time it launch its own sponsored search product for With the beta launch of Clickriver Ads, Amazon will offer pay-per-click advertising using the „bid + performance“ model made popular by Google and soon to be adopted by Yahoo.

Neue Arbeit für das A9-Team. Nach dem Einstellen der Amazon Suchmaschine und dem Start von Askville wird sich das A9-Team bei Amazon nun um das neue Projekt „ClickRiver“ kümmern.

Das Prinzip ist Bid+Performance wie schon seit eh und je bei Google, und bald auch bei Yahoo

Clickriver Ads provides the opportunity to advertise services and products that complement the selection on, via sponsored links that display on search result pages and product detail pages. With this advertising program, you can engage online shoppers during the entire shopping experience – as they shop, browse and search on
We welcome service providers of all types to apply to join the Clickriver beta – in travel, finance and investment, training and education, entertainment, insurance, healthcare and physical fitness, IT assistance and consulting, photo printing and more. We also welcome retailers, who want to advertise products that complement those sold on, to apply.

via Internet Marketing News, Marketing Pilgrim, John Battelle


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